Characterization of Information Systems:

Characterization is an important step in the process of adapting the appropriate information system/software in your organization.

Once you have decided on the development of a new system or modification of an existing system, it is necessary to define what actions the system will do, what services it will provide to its users and stakeholders. The requirements we want the system to do (system capabilities, system performance and general requirements), we will prepare in a Characterization document.

The Characterization document is a work plan for the construction of your information system and it will contain the size of the system and the necessary infrastructure.

In addition, the document is an information systems analysis and will include a description of the current situation, the importance and connection to an existing/previous problems and problems that may occur, we will want to overcome them in the new system.

Our team specializes in characterizing the processes of the company product characterization and characterization needs of the organization and its clients.

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